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Satoshi made an appearance at a lecture and concert at the Laval University in Quebec, Canada. The grand prize awarded piece “Rhapsody for Trombone and Piano” will be premiered in the concert.

<April 3 at 5:00pm -Lecture->

La Philosophie Du Métier De Compositeur
Salle Henri-Gagnon
Pavillon Louis-Jacques-Casault

<April 4 at 8:00pm -Concert->

A soirée d'oeuvres de Satoshi Kanazawa
Salle Henri-Gagnon
Pavillon Louis-Jacques-Casault

James C. Lebens, Trombone
Trent Sanheim, Trumpet
Josiane Bissonnette, Piano
Élise Taillon-Martel, French Horn
Denis Bernier, Trombone
Satoshi Kanazawa, Piano


Overture for Brass Quintet

Brass Suite (World Premiere)
Revelation for Trumpet Solo
Discourse-Phase-Reconfiguring (World Premiere)
Visions for Piano Solo
Rhapsody for Trombone and Piano


[concert] April 3-4, 2009 at the Laval University (Quebec, Canada)

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